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Wireless Applications

Across markets, the demand for the latest voice and data services increases constantly. But the way in which those services are realized varies from organization to organization, depending upon the characteristics of their business, their location and the nature of the services they use or deliver to others. For some, straightforward access to the Internet is all that’s required while, for others, the requirement is to distribute voice, data and video over a far-reaching campus. Still others must carry voice and data traffic over hundreds of kilometers or provide temporary communications under harsh conditions.

Xstream offers a wide and growing portfolio of products and solutions designed to meet the current and future needs of organizations in every market, regardless of application. Xstream offers a solution to each organization's unique backhaul or connectivity needs.

Broadband Bonding Applications

Capacity Aggregation

Virtual Leased Line


Failover Redundancy

Mobile Applications

Xstream's mobile solutions perform bonding of multiple cellular data cards, enabling mobile or temporary high-capacity redundant connections.

Mobile Data Networking

  • MP141 is a broadband bonding appliance that provides cost effective Internet connectivity for mobile and portable deployments. MP141 aggregates the capacity of as many as four USB based cellular data cards (up to 8 data cards via usb hub extender kit) providing increased access bandwidth in both uplink and downlink directions for the communication link to the host office.
  • MT5201G enables cost-effective Internet access solutions for small and medium size businesses, enterprise branch offices, apartments, hotels & other multi-tenant buildings via aggregating multiple Internet access services for increased performance and reliability. The MT5201G aggregates the capacity of as many as five T-1, DSL, cable, fiber, or DS3 with optional cellular data card failover.

Mobile Video

  • Teleporter 3G is a specialized solution for broadcast quality mobile video applications without the need of expensive microwave trucks or high-latency satellite systems. These solutions incorporate video coder and decoder on the termination points of the mobile link.

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The Xstream Difference

The Xstream Difference