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XStream Tecnologias Brasil, s.a., is the Brazilian supplier of world-class line of "soft" radio technology. Our radios create high security, high-reliability, high capacity, low-cost mesh radio networks. Our core business is a suite of products and services that provide advanced hi-speed wireless point-to-point and citywide mesh networks. Our comprehensive system includes the ability to ensure Continuity of Business (CoB) and Quality of Service (QoS) for all end-users. It is now possible to deliver broadband to any location or area, to eliminate customers' costs of lost connectivity, and to guarantee that bandwidth-sensitive applications, like VoIP, function perfectly all the time.


One obvious advantage of wireless broadband infrastructures is that it does not require the tremendous costs of copper or fibre cable deployment. Within cities it is even possible to eliminate some of the costs of tower rental, as our devices can be mounted on high-rise buildings. In terms of competitive advantage, our infrastructure deployment costs about 20% that of copper or fibre companies, but delivers better speed and reliability. Our radio equipment is not only more advanced than competitive equipment, but is also more cost-effective. Moreover, our comprehensive deployment and operational management system has made wireless networks feasible and profitable – something competitive wireless manufacturers have so-far, failed to deliver. Thus, operating margins are much better than that of competitors.

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